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We care to understand your business needs

If you are looking for a digital agency who cares to understand your business and provide you with solutions to make your presence felt in cyber space, contribute to your business growth and increase efficiency of your operations, then look no further.

We are based in Mindspace Malad, the commercial hub of Mumbai, India. We at NICIPL host a pool of passionate techno-creative talents that work with you shoulder-to-shoulder in providing design and development solutions.

One stop design solutions

Be it Web designing, website re-designing, web or mobile applications, corporate AV, email campaign, banner campaign, posters, standees, news-letter or corporate branding, our team takes great interest in understanding your requirement and executing it within the shortest possible time and with accuracy.

We expertise in timely delivery of Intutive – Accurate – Contemporary and Cost effective digital media solutions.

Relationship that lasts long

We know that there are many options available to our customers and we appreciate them choosing us. We strive to provide our best and make sure they will be happy. We make sure that relationship once establised lasts forever.

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Web designing

Your website is your face to the world and not just a presence on WWW
Your website speaks a lot about your business. It leaves an impression on the mind of a global visitor who is exploring through 100s of other business sites. It speaks out loud if you are updated with the latest or living in the past, do you have a new story to tell or lorels to rest upon.

6 month old website is very very old
Cyber space is an ever changing universe and if you do not update or maintain your website, it grows old very fast. Search engine rules keep changing every now and then and it ranks the websites which are error free, rich in information, easy to access, loads faster, is accessible from any device and is referred by many other high ranking sites.

Accessibility across browsers and screens
In old time it was ok to mention 'Best viewed on IE 6+ at 800x600'. Today your website is expected to have similar look on more than 5-6 web browsers, at any resolution, on multiple mobile devices and TV screens. It is expected to load faster and provide better user experience.

Is there a human on the other side?
Web sites are accessed by human and they expect a human on the other side too, who responds. Just static information is not enough. Based on the expected behaviour and expectations of your target customer, your website needs to provide interactive tools and the best possible way to connect and exchange information for business functions.

Having presence on social media and continuously managing to disseminate news and information about new products, technology, services etc. builds confidence for online business transactions.

  • Corporate Website
  • FB page
  • Twitter business profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Google map
  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular JS
  • Modernizr
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Moodle

Customised applications

  • Web apps that work in your web browser.
  • Mobile apps for iPhone as well as Android phones
  • Games/Quiz


The importance of audio visual (AV) in delivering an impactful message should not be underestimated. It means the difference between another mundane corporate presentation and a real experience that leaves you with a lasting message. In the current digital age, the opportunities are endless.

Why use AV ?
Stronger competition in the business world and the fast pace at which information is disseminated, makes it increasingly important to stand apart from others in the minds of the people who matter i.e. stakeholders such as customers, investors, sales team and the press.

Marketing your business, or delivering a particular message, using AV essentially brings the presentation alive so that the audience is able to connect with the brand and the message, which makes it easier to access psychologically, once they have left the event.

AV is able to bring the message alive through visuals, sound, lighting etc.

  • Corporate AV
  • Product launch
  • Case presentation
  • Employee motivation
  • White board animation
  • 2D Character animation
  • Flash simulation
  • PowToon

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